Phit Club Non-Profit Partner Program


The program in summary:

1) With no out of pocket expense to the non-profit, we create a landing page for your donors.  This page offers a RiptStick with the non-profit logo for $49.99. (the SRP is $59.99).

2) Your donor purchases a RiptStick (or many).  They pay $49.99 plus shipping(and sales tax if they are in South Carolina).

3) They receive the RiptStick with the non-profit's logo and use the product to improve their fitness.

4) Quarterly, the non profit receives a report with the buyer information and a check for a donation from Phit.Club LLC.  The donation will be for $20 per unit sold.

5) The only requirement of the non-profit is to promote the program to their donor list through e-mail, social media, etc.  Phit.Club is happy to help with copy and graphics as needed.  

6) In summary, their is zero cost to the non-profit and no requirement to risk valuable funding by purchasing inventory that may not move.  You can not lose a penny, you can only gain funding.


As of January 2022, there were over 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations in the United States. Given the competitive landscape, nonprofit entities continually strive to secure donations to sustain their missions and ensure the vitality of their vision.

One effective strategy employed by nonprofits to attract donors involves offering tangible incentives such as t-shirts in exchange for their support. However, this tactic often entails initial investments in purchasing items in bulk and managing inventory across multiple sizes.

Phit Club offers an innovative solution designed to alleviate the burden of upfront investments and inventory management for nonprofit organizations. With no volume requirements, we provide a distinct and enticing offering to engage your donors.

Our flagship product, the RiptStick, is a versatile fitness device engineered to facilitate muscle development and fitness regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. We offer personalized branding with your organization's logo and message, with zero volume commitment,

Donors can conveniently access a dedicated webpage  on our site tailored to your organization, where they can purchase the RiptStick for a minimum price of $49.99, plus shipping. We handle the shipment; you never deal with inventory. For every dollar exceeding  our $30 cost, your organization receives the revenue as a donation. 

Furthermore, as donors experience the benefits of the RiptStick and witness tangible results, they are inclined to share their positive experiences, thereby fostering additional opportunities for donor engagement and support.

Contact Phit Club today to discuss the details.