It starts with a breath

Lumen is the world’s first hand-held, portable device to accurately measure metabolism. Lumen tracks, analyzes and shows you how to improve your metabolic health.

Once available only to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, metabolic testing is now available to everyone.

When science meets technology.

Lumens CO2 sensor determines the CO2 concentration in a single breath. This indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy and is the key to understanding how your metabolism functions.

Based on this metabolic data, Lumen will provide a daily personalized nutrition plan, as well as other actionable insights on your sleep, workouts, and meal timing. Lumen tracks your sleep, nutrition and exercise in order to provide you with a score that reflects how healthy your metabolism is.

When your metabolism is more flexible, you are better able to burn fat instead of carbs, leading to weight loss. By focusing on metabolism instead of restrictive or unsustainable diets, Lumen helps you lose weight and keep it off for good with daily feedback.

In short, Lumen trains your metabolism to use the food you eat more efficiently.