Frequently Asked Questions on the RiptStick

The RipStick is a revolutionary workout device designed for resistance and tension-based training rather than relying on traditional weights. Unlike typical weight-based systems, the RipStick utilizes specially engineered bands to generate up to 50 lbs of tension, effectively engaging your upper body muscles, including your abs. By performing various exercises with RipStick's tension, you'll experience an intense muscle burn and pump that's uniquely delivered by this innovative device.

What sets the RipStick apart is its ability to yield outstanding results in a fraction of the time required by weight-based workouts. Compact and lightweight, measuring just 7 inches and weighing less than 2 pounds, it offers unmatched convenience and portability. This makes it the ideal fitness tool for maintaining a consistent workout routine without drawing excessive attention, allowing you to exercise discreetly wherever you prefer.

Examples of RiptStick exercises can be seen here.

In addition, the RipStick also strengthens your ligaments and stabilizer muscles in your joints, enabling you to perform compound movements like pull-ups, muscle-ups, and heavy weightlifting. It's not just about looking good; it's about building muscles fast, targeting not only the primary muscles but also the often-overlooked secondary muscles, including:

• Forearms

• Wrist flexors

• Posterior Delts

• Lats

• Rhomboids

• And many more

The RipStick works muscles you didn't even know you had, creating a physique that's comprehensive and well-balanced.

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RiptSticks are versatile and effective fitness tools that offer a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of incorporating RiptSticks into your exercise routine:


RiptSticks can be used for various types of exercises, including strength training, flexibility training, and rehabilitation exercises. They provide a full-body workout and can target different muscle groups.

    Portability and Convenience:

    RiptSticks are lightweight, compact, and portable, making them ideal for home workouts, travel, or exercising in limited spaces. They are convenient for individuals who may not have access to a gym.               


    Unlike some forms of resistance training that involve heavy weights and can put stress on joints, RiptSticks provide a more joint-friendly option. They allow for smooth and controlled movements, reducing the risk of injury.

      Improves Strength and Muscle Tone:

      Regular use of RiptSticks WILL  help increase muscle strength and tone. They provide a consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion, engaging muscles effectively.

        Enhances Flexibility and Mobility:

        RiptSticks can be used to improve flexibility and enhance joint mobility. Incorporating dynamic stretches and RiptStick exercises can contribute to increased range of motion.


          RiptSticks are generally more affordable than traditional gym equipment. They offer a cost-effective way to add resistance to your workouts without the need for an extensive home gym setup.

            Adaptable for Different Exercises:

            RiptSticks can be easily adapted for various exercises, including squats, lunges, chest presses, rows, and more. They can be integrated into existing workout routines or used for specific muscle isolation exercises.

              Effective for Rehabilitation:

              Physical therapists often use RiptSticks in rehabilitation programs. The adjustable resistance allows for gradual progression, making them suitable for individuals recovering from injuries or surgery.

                Promotes Functional Strength:

                RiptStick exercises often involve functional movements that mimic everyday activities. This can contribute to improved overall functional strength and performance in daily life.

                  Engages Stabilizer Muscles:

                  The nature of RiptStick exercises requires the engagement of stabilizer muscles. This can lead to improved balance and coordination over time.

                    Variety in Workouts:

                    With different types of RiptStick exercises, you can add variety to your workouts, preventing boredom and keeping your exercise routine interesting.

                      Incorporating RiptSticks into your fitness routine can offer a range of benefits, making them a valuable addition to both beginner and advanced workout programs.

                      You Can Achieve Way More With Less!

                      People believe you need a lot to achieve a lot. You do not need a gym filled with bulky and expensive equipment to get toned, or even ripped.  What is your goal..toning, weight loss, or building muscle?  RiptStick is the answer and you won't break the bank or need a special room to do it.  In fact you can do it anyplace and any time you choose.

                      Is the RiptStick Only For Strong People? 

                      No! The RiptStick is for everyone.  Men and women..even children.  It is perfect for people beginning a resistance exercise program and beneficial to experienced "gym-rats" as well as a warm up or between set enhancer. (More resistance bands can be added if you are inclined).  For people who are rehabbing an injury this is a safe and effective device as well. 

                      Will The Product Last Long?

                      RiptStick is made of a light-weight but very durable plastic that will last a long time.  The resistance bands are real rubber, as opposed to a chemical compound.  This gives the properties of durability and reliability.  This is not something that can be sourced from the lowest cost factory in China.  They are assembled in the USA..Atlanta, Georgia specifically.

                      How Do I Know What Workouts to Do?

                      RiptStick comes with a brochure that outlines the exercises as well as a link to watch videos of the exercises performed.  You can hit the chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, traps, lats and  abs with these exercises.  Additionally you can do them while walking or doing other aerobic exercise to combine resistance exercise with cardio.

                      Can I Lose Weight?

                      RiptStick is the perfect device to help you burn fat.  It can be used to augment your cardio exercise, which burns fat.  Building muscle also increases your metabolism and important in your long-term maintenance of your fat loss.

                      Is This Worth The Price?

                      This product was initially sold for $150.  It now sells for $60 most commonly.  Phit.Club has created a very aggressive price point and a program that aims to have you return and to tell your friends and family.  Consider our low one time cost vs the monthly cost of a gym membership.  For this one time cost, you can improve the results you have at the gym and get a quality workout anytime, anywhere.  Will you find another piece of fitness equipment that can do all of this for such a low know the answer!

                      What If It Is Not For Me?

                      If after receiving and trying the RiptStick, we will take it back, no questions asked.  We proudly say this, because the likelihood is very low. (*You would be responsible for the cost shipping it back)