About Phit.Club

I founded Phit.Club LLC based on my personal experience of spending long hours behind a desk without enough physical activity. It's crucial for individuals working long hours, often exceeding 8 hours, to take regular breaks to engage their muscles and elevate their heart rates. Over time, I noticed weight gain and realized I needed to alter either my career path or my lifestyle habits. I chose the latter and discovered the RiptStick, which yielded significant results in muscle growth and cardiovascular health, even surpassing my younger, healthier self.

Our focus encompasses various sectors, including sports teams, health clubs, senior centers, chiropractors, and physical therapists. However, we particularly prioritize two key areas. Firstly, we assist companies and organizations dedicated to their employees' well-being. Given the aforementioned reasons, we cater to businesses of all sizes with adaptable solutions. Secondly, we serve as a fundraising tool for non-profit organizations, offering a unique item that supporters gladly receive as an incentive. Once again, our flexibility allows us to collaborate with organizations of any scale.

We take pride in offering products that positively impact people's lives. Whether you're an individual striving for fitness or an organization aiming to enhance employee well-being or make a broader societal impact, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you.


Neal Greenberg-Chief Phit.Club Coach